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Amgen Interactive Lobby




Experience Design


Cambridge, MA

The public lobby of Amgen’s Cambridge campus aims to engage, inform, and delight its staff, visitors, and the scientific community alike. Thoughtful digital experience design, environmental graphics, and interactive storytelling greet visitors upon entry, with the focal point being a luminous, dynamic representation of science as art.
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Amgen 4b
I mmersive and intriguing, the science gallery incorporates an interactive table in which the user can affect a two-story video wall, projecting artfully displayed images of science in action. The space serves as an educational journey, as well as a recruiting tool for scientists and MIT students passing through the adjacent, public plaza.
A wall of 2,700 microscope slides with replica specimens creates a stunning backdrop to the Amgen identity, next to an exhibit holding a physical archive of Amgen's history, achievements, and future aspirations to help people live longer, healthier lives.