Designed to Deliver


GDG P 021 Lo Eden

We know that a great design experience depends on whether the basic business model and design solution are aligned so they can thrive. This takes a team that can evaluate all aspects of the investment being made, research, real estate, strategy, and brand alignment. Our team understands these components and can connect all these efforts moving through the development of the design and delivery of your project. The final solution - informed by data and aesthetics - is a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

"As Graphite is licensed in all 50 states and 5 provinces in Canada, we have a great depth of retail, commercial, residential and mixed-use experience serving national and international clientele. Knowing what it takes to create a new design or evolve a current design, we can develop the tools to deliver it to market, prototype the design and control design integrity."

- Matt Marek, Director of Retail

Below is a staffing model used across many Graphite studios. This model allows us to shrink and expand teams while guaranteeing that project knowledge and expertise are not compromised. We find this to be successful and effective to serve our all of our clients, regardless of locale or market sector.