Who Is Graphite?

We are a group of architects dedicated to the idea that thoughtfully designed architecture has the ability to positively impact everyone who touches it - owners, developers, builders, tenants, and neighbors.

Our backgrounds with other firms have provided us with priceless experience across a myriad of projects and an array of continents. That experience informs the way we’ve structured Graphite, focusing on edifying, collaborative, and drama-free relationships with our clients and each other, along with a commitment to both personal and corporate responsibility.

In the years since our founding we’ve continued to refine what we value as persons, as well as how best to maximize our value to our clients. We’ve also managed to do a sizable amount of gratifying work for some of the world’s most prestigious companies while operating and innovating alongside some of tech and retail’s biggest names in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. As we move forward, we’re excited to design more spaces that inspire both those who fund and those who exist within them.

Martin L. Hill, AIA, NCARB

Founding Principal

Whether building an island in Dubai or an ATM in a wall, Martin’s depth of knowledge and experience is integral to Graphite’s success. If you need something designed and built, it’s probable that Martin has not only built it, but also developed a program to build it better. His career spans multiple continents, thousands of projects, and long-running relationships with giants such as Nike, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon Retail. Martin is licensed in 49 states and 5 Canadian provinces. Martin’s team-oriented focus has helped him build a resourceful and tight-knit organization, while his sharply analytic mind allows him to recognize issues others miss and solve them before they mature into problems. This attribute helps Martin develop experience-driven solutions that help Graphite’s clients save money on projects and increase speed to market.

email: martin.hill@graphitedesigngroup.com

Peter Krech, AIA, LEED, A.P.

Founding Principal

Peter’s approach to architecture is centered around two beliefs: that the most difficult problems contain elegant solutions, and that if you’re going to build something, endow it with balance, grace, and beauty. Over the past two decades, he’s used this approach to lead projects that transform neighborhoods and span continents, from Seattle’s South Lake Union, to Shanghai’s Nanjing Road, and boast notable tenants such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook. This portfolio of over 5 million square feet is the product of his intense desire to understand his clients’ needs, preferring to uncover the right question rather than presume the right answer. With his colleagues at Graphite, he continues to emerge as one of the region’s thought leaders in design.

email: peter.krech@graphitedesigngroup.com

Patrick DiStefano, LEED A.P.


If Patrick’s genuine, personable nature is immediately apparent upon meeting him, his 20 years of experience and mastery of his work becomes clear shortly after. While he often performs the role of project manager, his depth of knowledge - gleaned in some of the world's most demanding markets - makes him truly cross-discipline, understanding not just the complexities of design and execution, but also the economic drivers that permeate clients’ desires. He tirelessly anticipates and advocates for clients’ priorities while tackling the most challenging undertakings, manifesting order from apparent chaos, and focus from complexity.

email: patrick.distefano@graphitedesigngroup.com

Michael Medina, NCARB, AIA, LEED AP

Founding Principal, Emeritus

With over four decades as a practicing architect, Michael’s broad experience leading project teams with a communication-centric and solution-oriented approach has been the foundation underlying dozens of successful projects of all scales and uses. This proactive outlook inspired Michael as one of the Founders of Graphite in 2012 and is infused in all work he touches in the studio. As a hands-on Principal and Project Manager, his goal is always to finish every project with everyone on the team looking forward to working together on the next one. Michael continues to mentor staff, shape Graphite management and delivery standards, and be involved in select projects, maintaining daily communications with team members and clients, helping Graphite build upon the foundational aspirations that shape the practice.

email: michael.medina@graphitedesigngroup.com

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