Why Graphite?

We think our work speaks for itself, but some parts of what we do aren’t apparent in a rendering or photograph. It’s one thing to arrive at your destination, it’s another thing to have a pleasant trip. Here are a few ways Graphite stands out.

Who You See is Who You Get

When you meet with us you meet the people who will be working on your project. We take responsibility; the project leaders are in the trenches, every day.

Your Goals, Not Ours

Frankly, we’re not interested in accolades - we’re interested in creating memorable, engaging environments that delight users and bring value to our clients. We listen to your desires and aspirations. We communicate back to you via recommendations and how the execution will shape the users experience. We as your partner will immerse your team and your visitors in your brand and culture.

The Art of the Process

We’re obsessed with refining our process so each project runs smoother than the last. And we’ve been around the block enough to anticipate client needs, plan for contingencies, and fix things before they become problems. Our process engages a diverse and talented team, including architects, interiors designers, industrial designers, and brand specialists. We utilize their skills to provide you with creative solutions, vetted ideas, and technical expertise. We work in teams of various sizes based upon project needs, collaborating with each other to maximize the projects success.

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