Mary's Place Family Shelter at Amazon in the Regrade


MPB21 P 001 Lo Benschneider

The last place you expect to find a shelter is amidst a campus of soaring glass office towers. Even less so, as part of an Amazon HQ. But, that’s exactly where Graphite Design Group’s spirited Mary’s Place Family Shelter calls home. Nestled within an edifice adjacent to a 24-storey structure in downtown Seattle, the 5,853-square-metre organization, with room for some 300 occupants, not only neighbors but shares space with the tech giant.

Working in tandem with Mary’s Place, the Amazon Global Real Estate and Facilities team, Seneca Group and GLY construction, the Graphite design team was able to radically re-imagine what a family shelter could be by occupying sections of eight floors in the company’s complex. The result is a striking temporary home that radiates joy and warmth in ways largely uncommon to the typology. It’s also strategically sited near crucial amenities (public transportation, for one) to help residences get back on their feet.