Graphite Sustainability Initiative- Living Building Challenge and Beyond


GDG GSI intro image

As designers at Graphite, we wanted to explore how far we can go to create positive change in Seattle. Starting with the realization that buildings are responsible for 35% of Seattle’s emissions, we approached this problem with how to contribute to positive change. One of the methods to combat and solve climate change lies in the buildings we occupy and design. Buildings bring the opportunity to store carbon, create their own power and supply their own water. Graphite approached this problem with the goal of creating the most sustainable project in South Lake Union, by leveraging technologies and design strategies for the building structure, envelope, building systems and biophilia. With the bonuses unlocked from Seattle’s Living Building Pilot Program, developers are incentivized to use sustainable design for development opportunities.

This study is only the beginning. By taking it further, we create a path to carbon neutrality. The Sustainability Initiative was about challenging ourselves as architects and designers, developers, and builders, to acknowledge our impact and showcase the tools at our disposal to achieve carbon reduction goals today.

Read more about the Initiative here.