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Seattle, WA

Amazon’s Frontier building is a hub of activity for their AWS teams to collaborate and innovate. Inspired by the ad hoc, ever-changing nature of a treehouse from which the building concept is derived, this interactive landmark invites users to rearrange this puzzle-like wall to fit their personal preferences. The sections push and pull, and can be used as a seat for a proud selfie moment, and an arcade style control panel allows users to select their personalized color themes.
Blk18 P 038 Lo Benschneider2
Blk18 P 036 Hi Benschneider
W hen inactive and pushed flat, the wall integrates with the surrounding materials and overall aesthetic. A hint resides in the wood panel reveals, subtly expressing the brand logo.
At the apex of the building's treehouse lives an immersive game lounge that seemingly lives amongst the clouds. Users can seek respite from their day by relaxing in this sky blue space adorned with a delightful mix of artfully illustrated woodland creatures.
Blk18 P 032 Hi Benschneider2
T he reception lobby draws visitors in with a welcoming landmark glowing soffit that immerses and transports the viewer, creating the experience of gazing up through a dense forest canopy.