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Multiple US locations

C lient Kendra Scott made the strategic decision to branch out to stand-alone stores to better control her customer's retail experience. One that better catered to the customization of her fashion jewelry. In this partnership, we developed a retail program that made for a seamless experience for her customers, while focusing on delivering retail stores simultaneously in several jurisdictions across the United States. Creating distinctly different zones in the store by separating functions allows the customer to self-select their path and engage in a unique experience. Graphite enhanced shopper engagement by using materials, color, graphics, lighting, or screens to inform the customer that there is a new and exciting experience around every corner.
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The Kendra Scott story is an important part the design. We wanted to create an environment that is welcoming and celebrates the customer experience with connection, celebration, warmth, and fun.
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Austin for Everyone

Once we defined an established prototype, Graphite helped to create and maintain brand consistency in an ever-expanding retail portfolio now totaling 102 retail stores. To achieve a unique look to each store we organized the stores around a regional aesthetic, using inspiration from regional architecture to enhance the Kendra Scott brand identity while keeping cues that are a nod to the brand's southern roots.

The retail stores have been a huge success, earning Kendra Scott ‘Retail Entrepreneur of the Year’ in 2017 and #47 on Forbes America's Self-Made Women 2020