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Retail & Brand Experience







Studio 6B

Our newly expanded Retail and Brand Experience offering, Studio 6B, is a multi-disciplinary group of dreamers, schemers, designers, and doers, inspired by the stories behind the brands we serve, and driven by the opportunity to bring those stories to life in the physical realm! We are guided by an insatiable curiosity and courage to ask “what if” and “why not”, as we partner with brands at an inflection point in their business, products and consumers.

We offer a holistic range of services from front-end Brand Immersion and Concept Ideation, through Iterative Development and Scaled Implementation… from one location to a national program, we have you covered!

Retail & Experience Design

Whether you are an established retail brand trying to breathe new life into your aging store portfolio, or a digital native brand that’s ready to take the leap into “bricks and mortar”, or a tech company hoping to make your brand values immersive and tangible within your workplace, we are here to help!

Our mission is to help both established and emerging brands navigate the ever-changing retail and customer landscape to evolve how they connect with their consumers in more compelling and consistent ways, through design and experience!

Branded Amenity Spaces

Through thoughtful curation of spaces and experiences, Graphite works with clients to craft workplace amenity spaces that transcend traditional office space to create inspiring, memorable experiences. Through collaboration, we seek to learn from and reflect each unique workplace culture, build community, and reflect the values and brand of some of the world's foremost companies.

High-Velocity Delivery

Licensed in all fifty states and throughout Canada, we have a great depth of experience developing programs to bring national and international brands to market. We bring an integrated approach from concept inception through prototype management, to align internal stakeholder teams and external consultants resulting in increased speed-to-market by eliminating duplicate efforts while crafting adaptive yet consistent solutions!

Graphite has worked with some of the world’s most prominent retailers, F&B brands, and financial institutions to achieve their performance goals, while ensuring that we deliver on time, on budget and on brand!