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Glassybaby Flagship






Seattle, WA

It's all about the Babies. Located in Seattle’s Denny Triangle, the Glassybaby Flagship store is comprised of three blended spaces: retail store, event space, and glass blowing studio. Addressing unique code, planning and accessibility challenges, the design of the space reflects Glassybaby’s wish to have boundaries between the three distinct uses blurred. Gentle ramps allow full accessibility and a smooth flow through the space.
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Gbb21 P 003 Lo Eden
T he glass blowing studio – the first hot shop of its kind to be located on the ground floor of a high-rise building – presented unique challenges and opportunities. Graphite worked with Glassybaby’s artisans and local code officials to ensure the studio met functional and life safety criteria while providing a dynamic and engaging demonstration space visible to patrons and the public alike.
Truly designed for the Babies, about the Babies, and because the Babies, the Glassybaby Flagship is focused on simplicity and expressing the craft of the amazingly talented glass artists who work there. See a demonstration video filmed at the Seattle Flagship at