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Clise Properties




Seattle, WA


435 Units


8,000 SF

Mckenzie P 02 Lo Bittermann
S ited at the convergence of the Denny Triangle and South Lake Union neighborhoods, the elliptical form of the building elegantly resolves the intersection of both neighborhoods' rotated street grids. McKenzie is a 41-story residential building on the corner of Eighth Avenue and Blanchard Street. The building shape is designed to create uniform view access for the residents, while responding to the curved forms of its neighboring properties.
Mckenzie P 19 Lo Eden
Mckenzie P 35 Lo Eden
Mckenzie P 14 Lo Bittermann
Mckenzie P 38 Lo Eden
The concept included a restaurant to lobby connection which was a key consideration; intended to make the food offer feel more a part of the overall experience. Wild Ginger restaurant serves 5-star meals that tenants can access from within the lobby, enhancing the high-end feel of the building.
Mckenzie P 13 Lo Bittermann

Being a good neighbor

McKenzie Tower offers generous residential amenities, including a roof deck where residents will have access to views from the entire building perimeter. The elliptical form maximizes view opportunities outward for the tower’s residents while minimizing view and sun blockage for the residents of the neighboring condominium tower.