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X3 Data Center


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Data Center


Seattle, WA

Data Center

96,000 SF


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A richly textured facade, created from carefully arranged solid and perforated aluminum panels, transforms a windowless program of high-rise data center floors into a sculptural focal point in Seattle’s Denny Triangle neighborhood. The streetscape at the corner of 6th Avenue and Bell Street is enlivened by fully glazed retail space on both frontages, with glass canopies above providing weather protection and solar access. Concrete elements along the curbside planting strips serve double duty as vehicle barriers and pedestrian seating. At night, subtle LED lighting within the tower’s perforated metal panel skin provides a quiet glow of depth and mystery.
Waste heat from the data center can reduce energy use of nearby apartments by up to 30% and reduce energy use of nearby office buildings by 6%.
Podium Concept