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A mazon Retail’s 4-Star concept took online shopping back to traditional brick and mortar stores. With vast experience in prototyping and rapid project delivery, Graphite teamed with Amazon to develop Revit-based prototype tools and provided the expertise and horsepower to deliver projects at an aggressive pace in many major cities across the United States; doubling the number of operating stores within one year. Being a local partner just a stone’s throw away from Amazon’s Corporate campus, it allowed for impromptu in-person meetings and collaboration, allowing Graphite to operate as an extension of the Amazon Retail team.
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By being the prototype partner on the 4-Star programs, Graphite had selflessly trained other design partners on how to take advantage of the efficiencies built into the tools developed, sharing lessons learned and best practices specific to these projects. Graphite’s mindset is that when the whole team is successful, the Client will flourish, which contributes to the greater good of all involved. At the end of the day, we would rather be a part of something successful, which is a unique strength we brought to the Amazon Retail experience.
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