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The Seattle Barkery


The Seattle Barkery




Seattle, WA

SB21 P 002 Hi Choi
L ocated in the Amazon Nitro Building, the Seattle Barkery is an easy-access spot for treats, cakes and goodies for owners who love their pets. The products are whimsical and uniquely presented, making a visit to the store engaging, playful and rewarding.
The Seattle Barkery established a solid following that lead to landing in a great location in the heart of Amazon Offices.
SB21 P 010 Lo Choi

Designed for Dogs

Dog friendly is the goal. Robust materials, styled from elements of their homes, fences, and gates. The design of the store is dog centric, dog gone good treats, making the pets and their humans feel at home.

The Seattle Barkery is using their creative talents to delight both of their clients, the people and their pets.