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Seattle, WA

GDG P 008 Lo Eden
G raphite Design Group desired to house all the activities of designing with their clients in a simple, open, loft-like environment. Graphite invites clients into their studio to maximize participation and involvement at presentations and workshop meetings. We help all the staff and clients, consultants, and other industry service providers work together in a productive way, supported by the space and its amenities.
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A central conference room opens fully to the adjoining shared gathering lounge space at the reception area and becomes the heart of the space. It has access to the materials library, and other support spaces, leaving the majority of the office open like a loft for rows of team desks and shared work surfaces and storage.
GDG P 007 Lo Eden

It's all in the details.

The site is on the 7th floor of a 1920’s office building in downtown Seattle. The windows surrounding the small floorplate give a sense of connection to the surrounding buildings that was most important to keep as the experiential base for all in the space. For a collaborative effect, there are no backrooms, no precious clients-only spaces, and thoughtful transparency was used in the placement of a private office and conference room.

Spatial tools such as strong diagonal views through the space, keeping the historically charming concrete columns front and center as the character giver, surfaces which catch and reflect light, and open storage for shared access, create a workshop environment.