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2201 Westlake


Vulcan Real estate




Seattle, WA


360,000 SF


20,000 SF


135 Units

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2 201 Westlake and Enso Condominiums feature a 19-story residential tower and 13-story office tower with shared retail podium. This LEED Gold project is a model of urban mixed-use and sustainability, featuring under-floor air distribution, thermal balancing between residential and office uses and a high-performance envelope. As one of the first high-rise projects realized in the Denny Triangle in over 50 years, 2201 was a pioneering project, establishing this neighborhood as a nexus of Seattle’s growth, welcoming notable tenants as Amazon, PATH and West Elm.Peter Krech, Design Principal. Work completed while at Callison.
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2201 Westlake contributes to the vibrant urban crossroads at Westlake and Denny wtih engaging ground floor retail and open space, fully embracing the mixed-use nature of this growing Seattle neighborhood.
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Location. Location. Location.

Located on the site of a former Land Rover showroom and dealership, 2201 Westlake was a true pioneer, propelling new development and urban connections by virtue of its key location at the crossroads of Downtown, the Denny Triangle and South Lake Union. In a span of less than 10 years the intersection of Westlake and Denny has evolved into one of the most heavily trafficked intersections in the city, with pedestrian volumes on par with such landmarks as the Pike Place Market and Central Waterfront. A once-overlooked backwater has transformed into the beating heart of a growing urban core; if downtown had a 50-yard-line, 2201 Westlake would be on it.