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2701 Eastlake Lobby


Hughes Development




Seattle, WA

Lobby 2b
N ot sparing any attention to detail, Graphite crafted this lobby interior with the inspiration of Lake Union, dappling of light and the crisp sheets of sail fabric in a full wind. Combining classic finishes with the stainless steel "sails" cladded on the walls, visitors are welcomed with Ipe wood decking. Contrast is made through both color, texture and value to move the eye around the space. Our client provided us his aspiration and emotion he wanted to capture, and Graphite delivered for him.
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Lobby 1
The stainless steel wall panels are references to sail forms, with repeated forms, rotated with different stamped patterns on the sheet metal to react to the lighting and environment.
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Modern Nautical meets EastLake

Warmth and geometric forms provides for unexpected transparencies, metallic reflections and textures, expressing classic modern and refinement.