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Creating Value

At Graphite, we believe in the power of design to transform the places where we work, live, and play. Through thoughtfully crafted experiences, we also leverage design to transform the day-to-day experiences of our lives, bringing utility, meaning, and delight to encounters at every scale.

We also know how to get things done. With decades of experience delivering some of the most challenging, integrated building typologies, we bring our collective knowledge to every opportunity we encounter, never ceasing to improve process and create value along the way.


Mixed-Use: the art of leveraging singular solutions over multiple challenges, creating multi-layered, immersive environments.
With deep experience and industry experts in complimentary markets, Graphite creates spaces that thrive at the intersection of Work, Home and Community

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At Graphite, we create gracious, immersive, and memorable residential experiences by blending brand expectations with unique locations.
Through carefully considered design intentions, spaces become places.

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We understand that successful workplace design is not just about the way you want to work. It's about the way you want to live.
Graphite works with you to create high-performance, connected, memorable places that support your workplace and brand goals.

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From corporate headquarters to inspired residential spaces to immersive brand experiences, Graphite interiors are respectfully bold, pushing boundaries, inspiring engagement, and addressing our clients' business goals at every scale.

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With deep-rooted hospitality experience working with major brands on projects worldwide, Graphite brings insight and expertise to help you leverage design to capitalize on every opportunity.
Whether a one-off boutique location, expansion of a global brand, or an integral part of a mixed-use complex, Graphite creates memorable solutions rooted in place and centered around an elevated guest experience.

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