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At Graphite, we believe Design is a team sport, and have crafted a process to ensure nobody is left on the sidelines. Read more about our process here.

Parque Kirkland named 2022 Multifamily Executive Award Winner


At the Multifamily Executive Awards ceremony in October 2022, Henbart Development's Parque Kirkland was honored as an outstanding project in the "Garden Style" apartment category.

Vulcan's Block 37 Receives Preliminary Design Review Approval


After returning to Seattle’s West Design Review Board for its second Early Design Guidance (EDG) meeting, Vulcan Real Estate has received full support to move forward with its 289,000 square foot commercial proposal.

Mary's Place Family Shelter at Amazon in the Regrade


Working in tandem with Mary’s Place, the Amazon Global Real Estate and Facilities team, Seneca Group and GLY construction, the Graphite design team was able to radically re-imagine what a family shelter could be by occupying sections of eight floors in the company’s complex.

Graphite Sustainability Initiative- Living Building Challenge and Beyond



Vulcan explores enrolling office development in Seattle's ultra-green program


By Marc Stiles – Staff Writer, Puget Sound Business Journal Aug 26, 2020, 10:21am EDTVulcan Real Estate is proceeding with plans to build an office tower in South Lake Union, though a company executive said groundbreaking could be several years out.

What is a 'Woonerf' anyway?


Facebook has expanded its Seattle presence again. According to The Seattle Times, this sub-section of the company, with headquarters based in Menlo Park, California, recently moved into a new office building at 1101 Dexter Avenue to house their employees in the epicenter that is South Lake Union.

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